Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Swan study

4"x6" Original Watercolor
In fall I went on a men's retreat at
French Creek State Park and I
found this graceful swan. The actual
painting glows, I am very happy with
the way it turned out.

A lot going on today... I am joining two
painting challenge blogs where they pick the
subject and you paint it. I am actually
excited to give it a try. I have my first one
almost finished and need to turn it in
before I can put it on my blog. The other
thing Linda is working on is a blog for my
students work. She has it set up and we are
waiting for my students to hand in the photos.
Should be exciting for them. Speaking of
class, I have one tonight.


Autumn Leaves said...

Gosh Andy! You and Linda stay so busy! I think it is cool that you have a business manager as well as all the other roles Linda plays in your life. I love the swan! I recently did a swan myself for an assignment for my art course. I've learned a good lesson on how important your choice of paper is for various mediums. Thank you too for your last response to my comment. All better!

Unknown said...

Hi, I tried writing a comment before but probably sent it incorrectly! I like the swan and was wondering if you ever paint scenes from the south? I am currently living in Florida and like the palm trees, sea birds, etc. from here and would like a painting other than Lancaster scenes from you. Thank you and keep shoveling. ha ha Susan

Gary Keimig said...

Great painting Andy. We have a lot of Trumpeters here and I love watching them and painting them. Like the contrast you used here.
Good job.