Thursday, February 4, 2010

Clementine study

6"x4" Miniature Original Watercolor
$200.00 Contact the studio

I was working with a few students on shapes
and had them use my clementines. I decided
to set up my own still life. Notice the subtle
reflection of the clementines in the pottery.

Linda and I went to Lancaster Christian School
to give a joint lecture on being an entrepreneur.
I handled all the art questions and Linda did the
business questions. Great class.

My show season starts this weekend with a big
snow storm scheduled!
Show: CBA Art Show
Feb. 6-7
Held at the Christian Brothers Academy at
850 Newman Springs Rd. Lincroft, NJ.
10am-4pm $5 admission
Please share this with everyone living in
Monmouth County!


Autumn Leaves said...

I really love that pottery piece, Andy! I hope you will answer this question: Do you do shows out here in IL? If so, I'd love to know about it in advance so I can try to schedule that day off at work. Thanks so much!

Andy Smith, artist ~ watercolors said...

Rachel, I have said before I am happy to talk to you personally, by phone or email, however my business blog is not the place.
You may call 717-627-3383 or email me at