Tuesday, January 5, 2010

2010 Winter Series #4

6"x4" Miniature Original Watercolor
More snow scenes, but I switched to
a stone barn. I liked the low to the ground
view of this one.

I had a question from Leah about pencil lines.
There is a good drawing under all my paintings.
Because of the number of washes I use, most
of my pencil lines are simply covered over. I
do not erase them. I usually start with a sketch
in my sketch book so that I have a feel for what
I want to do. This eliminates a lot of erasing on my
good paper. I use a mechanical pencil with a soft
lead for the drawing on my watercolor paper. The
drawing is softly sketched. I have a white artist
eraser I use if I need to make a change. Once I start
painting the pencil lines become part of the painting.

As for returning to Berea, KY... I have a show the same
weekend that I am not ready to give up. That said, I
love the area and enjoyed the show. So I always look
at the application and weigh where I can make more
money, for now Berea is on hold.

Other questions???
If you have a good snow scene you think I would enjoy
painting send me an email.

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Joan - AZestyLife said...

When I opened your blog this morning Andy, this painting took my breath away. The shadows are are unbelievable. Thank you for a nice start to my day!!