Tuesday, December 8, 2009

2009 Holiday Series #7 ~ window with greens and red bow

4"x6" Miniature Original Watercolor

Holiday at its finest! My signature bricks
and shadows topped off with a red bow.

Since it is getting so cold I have had to ride my
indoor rollers...I hate the cold. I finished one
commission, it looks sooo good, I wish I could show
you but I can't ruin the surprise. I did photo it
to share later. I am focused, managed to get the
blog painting finished also. Now I am going to help
Linda with this little project. Our good friends
daughter is getting married shortly and Linda
volunteered to hand paint Christmas balls as their
guest gift, all 150 of them! So we worked out the
design and have 30 almost finished. Almost.
They are looking better than I expected but it will
take a while.


Anonymous said...

What a wonderful gift for the wedding. I hope you put a photo up of some of them. Have fun with the other 120!

I love your holiday series. It is going down to -35C here. I know what you mean about disliking the cold.

Shawna in Yellowknife

Kathy said...

Nice series Andy. I feel bad that I haven't painted for about a week, but I put up so many trees and decorations and then there is the wrapping of gifts...it is endless but I love the season.

Yes, please post a photo of the ornaments. We are supposed to have 2-3" of that white stuff this afternoon and winds up to 60 mph. I am sending it your way from Indiana.