Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Seine River, Paris France

6"x4" Original Watercolor
$250. Contact the studio SOLD

Paris is all about the city and I wanted to
give it a try. The buildings, the bridges and
the Seine River. The actual painting is a bit
lighter than this photo, I could not seem to
get it perfect, I think the painting looks better.

I got in a good bike ride early this morning.
Had a class to teach, although I do not work
hard with this class. I was able to start this
blog painting during class. Then I ran in to
sit with my Mom. I missed all last week due
to a cold. It is only 7pm and I am already
finished. I think I will start the drawing on
another larger painting. Remember I am still
looking for titles for the demo painting from

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MansTouch said...

Seine River is a wonderful scenery in reality.
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