Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Glass Bowl and Apples

6"x4" Original Watercolor
$300. Contact the studio SOLD!

I wanted something completely different
today. We stayed at a B&B in Sarlat, France
and I found this glass bowl of green apples.
I enjoyed the challenge of painting clear glass
and the apples give a nice contrasting color.
There is lots of strong detail in this painting.
It has a more classic modern look than my
usual paintings but still my style. It turned
out very very good.

I want to say congrats to my good friend
who became a grandpa today. George will
be the perfect grandparent! I think this is
the first of our social group to have grandkids.
It causes you to pause and ponder life...
But not for long, I taught two classes and
painted my blog today. Went again to visit
Mom, they had a family picnic, she was in
good spirits. I also cooked dinner! We had
our first sit down meal since Linda became
sick. She is improving.

Here are a few of the suggestions for my new
painting: Parlor View, The Window Seat,
Seat by the Window, Sitting Pretty...

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