Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Sarlat-la-Canéda, France #6 ~ Cathedrale St-Sacerdos

4"x6" Original Watercolor

I have been wanting to play around with
stain glass windows. This is an unusual
angle from inside the Catherdrale St-Sacerdos.

Since I worked and painted all through the
weekend at the Mount Gretna show we took
Monday off. Not off exactly, I mowed the lawn,
Linda did laundry, caught up on some house
chores. In the evening we went to see
Julie & Julia and we both loved it.
All the French scenery!!!
Today I got right to work... well after a 40 mile early
bike ride and a visit to my Mom. On the way
home I stopped and picked up sunflowers for
Linda... just another little reminder of our trip.
I am a sentimental kind of guy!!
There were fields of them growing in France
and sooner or later I will get to painting them.

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