Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Tuesday check in

My day slipped through my fingers...
I had very good intentions, but it is 8pm
and I have not even started painting....
This morning Linda and I set up an exhibit
at our favorite theater/cafe called The Allen

This is not a great photo, the lighting was not
good but it gives you a general idea.

After that was finished we needed to run to the
grocery store for food for the weekend. Then
it was home to pack the van and the camper.
I also squeezed in a visit with my Mom while
Linda was packing clothes and food.
We leave in the morning for the Penn State show.

Central Pennsylvania Festival of the Arts
State College, PA July 9-12
Thurs. to Sat. 10am-8pm Sun. 12-5pm
My space is #A01 on Allen Street
rain or shine!
more info: www.arts-festival.com

I will be painting/demonstrating at the show
and will attempt to blog if I get an Internet

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