Monday, July 13, 2009

Saint Emilion - France

4"x6" Original Watercolor

While looking around France I found
I was still attracted to the same scenes
that move me at home. Everywhere I
looked there were flower boxes in open
windows. It was knowing the stone buildings
are centuries old that was astounding. This
came from Saint-Emilion where we spent
a full day sight seeingand had a wine tasting.

We only got home at 1:00 today. It was
dark by the time I unpacked the van, mowed
the lawn, worked on a pond problem and
cooked dinner on the grill.
State College show went well. So well that
Linda has a fair amount of framing to do
before Friday; when we leave for the next
show. It will be a short week at home!
I demonstrated all four days at the show,
painting two blog paintings, in an attempt
to get ahead and I also started a large painting
which I want to try and finish this week.
I am studying
the French
stones and this
had a wonderful
wall with an old
stone planter
adding a pinch
of color. I still have a few days
of work to do on this...
The size will be 18X24 when framed.

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