Monday, July 20, 2009

Saint Emilion, France #3 ~ Vineyards

6"x4" Original Watercolor

I couldn't wait to try my hand at a
vineyard. Wonderful patterns,
neat rows, and strong green colors.
This has just enough landscape to
give interest and the long road takes
you out into the countryside. This was
in Saint Emilion, France and was my
first wine tour. I fell in love with the

I painted all weekend and finished my
planter. I showed the start of this
painting on 7/13. The image is 13"x19"
I do not have a price or title as of yet...


Fawn McNeill Barr said...

lovely highlights and shadows!

Jean said...

I love the solid planter against the stone wall. The detail of each stone is amazing and the plants coming over the wall is wonderful.