Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Full Moon #2

Full Moon #2 4"x 6" original watercolor

Signs of Spring #11 5"x 5" original watercolor
Lots of excitement around here. The
weather was perfect for our family
gathering on Sunday. All of Linda's
hard work paid off, everything was beautiful.
Then to add to the excitement, Linda had
a very bad allergic reaction. We are not sure
from what but if it had not been for fast
acting benadryl we would have spent our night
in the emergency. As it was we had an early
morning doctors appointment. Her face was very
swollen, eyes shut, throat tight, and she lost her voice.
We now have an EpiPen for our trip. We cannot
take any chances. When we get back she has an
appointment with the allergist. We must find out
what caused it. We are leaning to a nut allergy.
She has been on steroids and her eyes are still
pretty bad but she could talk a bit today. The whole
ordeal was scary. I painted in between playing
nurse so I have two painting to post today since
I did not get my blog on yesterday.

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