Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Signs of Spring #6

4"x 6" original watercolor
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This time of year the garden changes almost
daily. I love walking out and looking at the
new flowers. We have squirrels that took away
most of our tulip bulbs but this one stands
tall...and alone.

I received a question about my painting palette.
I use Davinci and Lukas paints. I buy tubes and
squeeze them into my tray and let them dry.
I use Yellow Ochre, Burnt and Raw Sienna,
sometimes Sepia. Cobalt and Pthalo blue,
Cadium Red and Permanent Rose, Pthalo Green
and Paynes Grey. From these I mix the shades
I want.

Who am I selling to?
I exhibit at outdoor shows and have always kept
a mailing list. When I started my blog I let all
my clients know. I also am a member of the
Daily Painters and have picked up new clients
through them. You need a starting base and a
plan. I do not think you can put a few painting on
eBay and expect to hit it big. I have been blessed
with clients who believe in me and love my paintings
and have been faithful supporters through out the
years. I add to this base daily.

Feel free to send new questions my way!

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