Thursday, April 23, 2009

Signs of Spring #5

6"x 4" original watercolor

It is the pots that are moving me! Another
interesting cement pot with grapes.
This is simply an exercise in technique.
All the white is my paper.

I plan to walk around my hometown of
Lititz this weekend on a search for more
signs of spring. That is after my bike ride!
I am often asked where I find so many
subjects. The key is to slow down and
pay attention to what is in front of you.
I really look, not at the big picture but
at the small parts of a scene. I use a cheep
camera and just snap away at anything that
moves me. I bring it back and look at it on
the computer. I use this as reference.
After that, it is all in the drawing.

It did not feel like spring today. It was
a bit chilly for track practice!

I think I would like to start a question
and answer section... about art.
So if you have a question send an email or
use the comment below. We will give it a


M. D. Cooper said...

Dear Andy: When you said you were starting a Q&A about art, I don't know if you mean about your art in particular or art in general. But I have some questions that might apply to both. I'm an amateur artist in Western PA and I have been following your blog for several months. I admire your skill with small watercolor landscapes and still lifes and your use of color. Do you use just three primary colors and mix your other colors? Which primary colors do you prefer? Also, I notice that you sell almost all of the small paintings you put on ebay. Do you find that you sell to mostly local clients who are familiar with your work, or do you find buyers all over the country? I was wondering if it helps to be established locally first.

Beverley Amah said...

I just love to follow art blogs and watch how compositions change with the seasons. I love your brushwork and your choice of olor.greta work!!!