Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Oil Can Collection #2

4"x 6" original watercolor

I have a full shelf of these great oil
cans. I painted a few cans last week
and wanted to try a few more. I love
the strong blue colors and the oily
rusty look to the cans.

I spent my morning cleaning out the
garage. It was full of bikes and bike
parts from when I worked with kids.
I took a van load to a shop in Lancaster
who will finish the repairs and hand them
out. I have another load to take tomorrow.
We have furniture to move around as we
clean out my Moms cottage so I needed to
make space. We had track practice in the
rain today. None of my kids complained but
I came home soaked.
OH... both my girls and boys won yesterdays
meet that was against a strong team, Manheim
Township. Boys: 71 to 24 Girls: 61 to 35
We are on a roll.

1 comment:

Mark Adams said...

This painting is slick, Andy. The tin man from the Wizard of Oz would have been proud to have this in his home.