Tuesday, March 3, 2009


4"x 6" original watercolor

The Daily Painters group picks a topic
every month and "Reflections" was
today's assignment. This was easy for
me, right up my alley. I went with a
landscape in the background and
reflections in the water.

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I had my favorite class this morning. They
are all so talented I hardly need to do any
thing but encourage them and they stroke
my artistic ego right back. Linda and I went
together to visit Mom today. We both said
how emotionally hard it has been on us both.
We have not found a schedule that works
and Mom just thinks she is coming home soon.
Meanwhile I am trying to keep up my painting.
Between Mom and the economic news it is hard
to keep in a good frame of mind. My bike rollers
are getting quite a work out!! Linda has maps
and tour books for France all over the house,
that is what is keeping her sane, that and the
excitement of a wedding. Abbey will be home
this weekend for some more Mother-daughter
time. I have a show, the Mother-daughter
time requires some money!!

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Anonymous said...

Andy...since this theme is "reflection"...and you are in such an emotional and "reflective" place now with your mother....i was wondering if you might consider a painting of her....just a thought.