Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Pottery #16

6"x 4" original watercolor

I can only paint so many landscapes
before I need a change...
This one speaks for itself.
Strong values, well rendered.

I had a gentleman visit today to talk about
painting for a living. He wants to give it a try.
It was hard to be encouraging while being
conflicted about how hard it is right now.
I wanted to say "are you nuts"!! These are
tough times to try to sell paintings. Then I
remembered how it was all those years ago
when I quit my day job and started. Friends thought
I was crazy. We barely survived in the beginning
and I mean barely. It would be better to think the
lean years are behind me. But it is a bit like a roller
coaster but so is life in general. I always believed
I would "make it" but the definition of making it
shifts over the years. If you take money out of the
equation and look at it, I have it all. Family, strong
foundation, great friends, solid reputation, admiration
of fellow artists, a
good work ethic, well honed talent,
constantly give back to my community, faith... all the
stuff that matters that you cannot put a dollar amount
on. So Tony if you are reading this go for it, feed
your spirit, give it all you have, if I can do it so can
anyone who wants it bad enough. Go paint...


Anonymous said...

Sage advice, Andy!!

Elizabeth Parsons said...

very good advice!