Friday, February 27, 2009

Winter Series #30

6"x 4" original watercolor

This is simply a pleasant farm scene
with remnants of snow left melting.

I did not get a blog accomplished yesterday.
It was my morning class at Willow Valley and
I actually had to teach, so I did not work on
anything of my own. At noon I ran over to
take care of a few issues with my mom and then
stayed with her for a while. At 6 we met friends
for dinner and it was almost 9 till we got home.
So there was no time to paint. Today I got up
early and rode 21 miles. That helped clear my
head!! At 9am I helped a neighbor fix his bike.
I painted till 2pm then Linda and I ran a few
errands. Finally took care my sale to Canada
issues which after much commotion finally went
smoothly, Linda handled it. She is also getting
forceful about our lost UPS package from early
January. Add to all this I threw a show app in
the mail box without postage so that created
a little panic... I like to add excitement to Linda's
day!! But to keep her in a good mood I am taking her
down to Abbey tomorrow. They are shopping for
a mother of the bride dress... I plan to hang out
with Ben, staying as far away from that as possible!!
Linda put several prints on eBay starting at a very good
price. These are my regular 4 color off-set lithographs.
Think ahead for gifts!

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