Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Potted Plant

5" x 5" original watercolor

Working on a painting a day allows me to
stretch a bit in my subjects. I would probably
never paint this as a large painting but as a
small piece it works. Study this painting.
Click on it to enlarge your view.
There is a fence in the background. The plant
which offers the only color; is setting on a
concrete bench. Check out the scroll work
I captured on the end of the bench.
I just enjoyed working on this.

I had a class this morning and then Linda
and I ran some errands. The show in the
cafe in Lancaster ended so we took those
paintings down and took a little time for lunch.
I am still fooling around with the painting I am
trying to ship to Canada. Stopped at FedEx and
it costs $53 to ship. I am talking a small box...
I have covered all my choices except actually
driving it to Canada! UPS seems the best choice
at $25. On a high note...I had my first track
meeting for the season. 11 days to go and I

can't wait. I am expecting another great season.
I love coaching and the kids are great to work with.

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yaamas said...

Beautiful work Andy! It was so nice spending time with you at the Hockessin show. Thank you for the inspiration, brother.

In Him,