Thursday, October 23, 2008

Thursday check in

I am painting, painting, painting!

There have been the usual headaches around here.
We needed to replace the furnace in the studio. $$$
My Mom fell again. Actually she did not fall as
much as she slid off the side of the bed. Either way
you look at it she was on the floor. We have some
physical therapy ordered but after three calls we are
having problems finding home bound PT.

We are feeling the pinch of the tighter economy in new
ways. Everyone is keeping smaller amounts of stock
on hand. Linda has had several problems getting her
framing supplies in the quantity she needs. The
distributor we usually use has no stock at all and I
doubt will be in business very long. Our second choice
only had 12 of the 75 mats she wanted to order. And
finally our third call had what we wanted but it will
take 5-7 days to get here. So framing is on hold which
messes with Linda's "open house to do list"!
Where once we had net 30 days to pay, everyone now
needs half down. So more $$$ = more stress.
The color on the proofs for the open house invitation is not
perfect so that is creating a few issues. This time of year is
usually stressful, with the huge outlay of cash on the
gamble of huge sales at open house + a tight economy =
Linda's headache = shared stress with all who enter the
studio!! I am painting every second of the day and
that leaves all the framing and plans in her lap. After
looking at the checkbook and looking at Linda I made
the best decision possible.
The best thing is for me to take off for a show!
Trust me, this is a smart move!!
You can find me at:
Annandale Virginia Show
Held in the Ernst Community Cultural Center
Northern VA Community College, Annandale, VA
10am-5pm good quality!

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