Tuesday, October 28, 2008

23 Days till Open House!

Just checking in so you know I am alive and well and
painting! Here is proof… This was taken on Monday.

I paint all over
the house, here
I am in the kitchen
while Linda was cooking.
Keeping her company
or bugging her, not
sure which!

There are 23 days till my Open House. I thought
over the next few days I would share what goes
into making my Open House happen. I will need
to consult with Linda since she is largely
responsible for this little party. My job is to
paint fabulous new watercolors so she can put on
a great show! Here is more proof that I am
painting… Every painting spends a few days
propped on my chair
rail where I can look
at it before framing.
Here are two new
ones, barely dry!

Back to open house… The date is always the weekend
before Thanksgiving and this is my 25th year.
November 21, 22, and 23 2008
Background: It all started out of necessity. I told
you before that I only print one time a year and I
pick 2 paintings to print. Every other painting stays
as an original one of a kind. I print 4-color offset
lithographs, all 450 are printed at one time. Back
when I had very little money (some things remain
the same!) I needed to come up with a way to pay
my print bill. So we started an open house to
present the new prints and generate income during
a time when shows were winding down. The open
house was designed to pay my print bill and give
me the cash to live over winter.
25 Open Houses later, the process is the same.
I need to stop for tonight and go take out the trash!

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