Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Petite # 8 - Candlesticks

3"x 4" original "petite"watercolor

This watercolor came about after a teaching
and demo class I did for a special group of
Middle School kids. It was held in a teachers
home and I was surveying the house for subject
matter...when my eye rested on the top of her
mantle. There were two old empty yarn spools
with candles in them. One was straight while the
other was bent. Technically I have used three
objects balanced against three shadows. The color
is simple, yellow ochre underpainting in the
background against a rich earth red mantle. The
candles were left white... then a soft single wash
of cad yellow over them. The shadows are paynes
grey with a touch of pthalo blue, giving you evidence
of light and distance. I used a clear satin non-
yellowing polymer over this painting. It is small but
mighty and to make up for being gone I am starting it
at only $1.00, so place a bid. Signing up for ebay is easy
and you may pay me with paypal, credit card or a check.

I have been away from my blog for a week. The longest
since I started. Last Wednesday I taught a class of
Middle School kids and then had my track banquet.
Pretty much shot that day. Thursday, I spent the morning
volunteering in our local food pantry and at 2:00 I took my
Mom to her eye doctor appointment and then came home
and packed the van and the camper. Another day gone.
Friday we left at 8am for VT. We stopped at Storm King
Art Center in Mountainville, NY. It is a fabulous modern
sculpture garden. I highly recommend it. We plan to return.
Then continued driving to our campsite. It started raining
as soon as we got out of the van to put the camper up! Again,
no time to paint. Saturday, I showed all day in Bennington, VT.

We enjoy the area but I just do not think they can support a
show. I did great the first year, then last year was poor but I won
a prize and had to return this year. Plenty of people eating show
food! The busiest shop in town had to be the piercing and tattoo
parlor. Wow, this was the most body marking I have ever seen.
I was fortunate to meet a couple who drove just to see me. They
somehow stumbled onto my blog without ever trying and wanted
to meet me. It was the best story and I was privilege to meet
them. I spent the day working on my large painting which I will
share sometime this week. Again, no blog. Sunday we decided
to just camp another day. Linda rested and I finished my big piece.
I guess I could have blogged this day...
Monday was devoted to packing up and driving 6 hours home.
To tired to paint! But its Tuesday and I blogged today!!

A reminder if you did not notice...I have the studio open this Saturday.

It would be a good time to schedule a little trip to Lititz!

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