Monday, July 8, 2024

2024 Still Life #34

mini original watercolor  $225

Antique pottery... painted at my show.

Back from a good show in Latrobe, PA but it was HOT! We left our cute cool Airbnb

at 8:30 every morning and back at 9:30 every night for 4 long HOT days.  Packed our lunches but we finished too late for dinner so we did not eat well!  Funny story: we checked in last Monday, Tuesday we were in and out, we had a long day of set up, came back and showered and then went out to dinner.  Got back at 8pm and could not open the door.  The handle just jiggled.  So we texted our host and sat on the front porch watching the lightening bugs.  Texted her several times, but no reply.  I tried the windows, all locked.  No other way in, tried the door several times.  By 11pm we had to make a decision, sleep in the van or go find a hotel.    Yep, hotel it was. Now in our younger days checking into a hotel, late, WITHOUT LUGGAGE would have been exciting.  But now we were simply worried that our evening meds AND morning meds and cell phone chargers were locked in our bnb!  By morning the host replied and needed a locksmith to replace the door handle!   Then on Sunday night we got in around 8 after a long hot pack up, showered and I just made coffee and the electric goes off, in the whole neighborhood.  No air conditioning.
we went to bed!   Came on about 2 hours later.
Its good to be home!!

Canada Trip- Day 6
- Update:
We had a Tours by Locals tour scheduled but it was cancelled so we went to Tours Voir Quebec and did their Grand Tour (of Old Quebec).  It was ok, not fabulous. 
In the afternoon we took a cab to the Parliament Building.  We pre-booked and pre-gave our ID information but still did metal detectors, more ID, and got badges; a little like visiting our capital.  H
ad a quick lunch at their Cafe and then a 3pm tour.  The rooms we were most interested in were closed for renovations, but it was still a beautiful building.  Back to our hotel to freshen up and off to dinner.  Bistro St Malo.  By far the best meal we have had.  Excellent food and a young waiter who knew how to charm the ladies.  The food was SO good and we simply had a wonderful evening. Here we all are...

After dinner we all did a little evening stroll around Old Quebec and had their famous Beaver Tails for dessert.

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