Thursday, June 13, 2024

Check in...

We have a wonderful group of 9 friends that have been traveling together since our daughters wedding in 2009.  Sometimes its all of us and sometimes its whoever wants to go.  On Sunday, 8 of us are heading to Canada.  4 days in Montreal and 4 days in Quebec.  Going for that French feeling!  Lots planned so I will share when we get back.

No Blog posts till 6/24!

Today was my MRI, then our customary breakfast after a procedure.  Then a few errands. Tonight I am taking kid to the track for a little sprint practice.  All that to say no time to paint.  

Since I am busy and YOU took the time to read my blog...
I am offering one of my older mini originals
FREE to the 1st person to send an email and claim it!
If you are a past winner you are not eligible!  In honor of traveling and sightseeing, this mini is from a trip to Oregon.
"2019 Oregon#2"  mini original watercolor, painted in 2019
A Harris Hawk from The High Desert Museum in Bend Oregon
Value $225 framed in black wood 8x10”

- shipping available at cost-

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