Tuesday, February 6, 2024

2024 Still Life #3

SOLD!   $145 (unframed) 5x5” mini original watercolor
Available to the 1st person to email
(framing 9x9 $35 - shipping available at cost)
If unsold by 2/8 the price goes to $225.

I went with a little glass work today.  There was an odd white cloth placed behind and I thought it made the green in the glass look interesting.

It was super busy here today.  Framing and boxing in the studio.  Our housecleaner was cleaning.  Linda was trying to work at her desk.  A client picked up her painting, a friend stopped to chat with Linda and show her fantastic felted items, she gave us the cutest felted cat.  The guy that bought our bench came to pick it up.  The phone was ringing...And I am trying to paint!

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Art Nodecker said...

Andy, the glass as always is incredible. It is always so transparent, reminds me of a very dear friend!