Wednesday, January 31, 2024

WITF ~ You-tube...

 I mentioned back on December 5th that WITF came to film me for an Artist series on their Mosaic YouTube channel where they highlight artist in central PA.  That video You-Tube was released yesterday!  (click  HERE  to view).  Please share with your friends.

A bit busy here on Tuesday, I had lots of errands to run, like go to the borough office and buy a tag for our microwave that died.  Go buy a new microwave!   Take 800 postcards (my schedule) to the post office.  Pick up sandwiches for Linda and friends who were working on our Canada trip.  Go to my local cable company to pick up a new clicker because the old one stopped working.  And run to New Holland and take down the show.  So, I did not get any painting done.

Today I am painting a commissioned bird and I promised to draw my commission tree before bedtime!

Finished it!    SOLD!    Bird #13 A Grosbeak

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