Wednesday, July 12, 2023

July...Green Grass and Blue Skies.
There are no prints, you get the one and only.
Featuring a larger original watercolor: "IN THE DISTANCE"

This landscape features "distance". Looks like you could walk forever.
$650.00    Framed Size: 14X18   Send an email to claim it.

Health Update:  Yesterday I "rang the bell"  meaning I finished all 28 radiations.  Now I rest and heal.  My radiation burns (actually big open sore) need treatment 4x a day.  It will probably get worse over the next 2 weeks then start healing.  I sit gingerly.  Not even sure about walking at this point...
On my bell ringing day so many friends wanted to come watch but they only let one person in. so Linda did a video...turn up your volume!

Blessing Update:   Before we left home Linda suggested we celebrate with lunch at Ciro's.   I casually walk in and and ask for a table for 2.   The owner, Tony Ciro walks me into their little side room into a  surprise lunch by friends the Woodruffs and the Linns.  I walked in to ringing bells and to balloons.  The owner Tony Ciro greated me, and was so gracious and is also a cancer survivor.  

We get home and find a beautiful bouquet of flowers from friends the Hildebrands.
The cat was already ours!

And later in the day friends the Garners dropped off a fruit basket.

All the love and blessings and prayers and support over 7 long months has been overwhelming.  In August I will need to make big decisions about surgery so keep the prayers coming.  I am greatful to you ALL.

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Congratulations Andy and Linda!