Sunday, May 21, 2023

2023 Landscape #17

 mini original watercolor  $225.

I found the perspective interesting. From the road, across a field with a farm way out in the distance. Just intrigued me.

HEALTH UPDATE: Great News…my oncologist is cautiously excited, my results are above the norm!!
1) no cancer has metastasized in any local or distant areas. All organs are normal.
2) lymph nodes are no longer swollen!
3) significant improvement-mass now minimally visible! He expects cancer is still there but radiation should zap it.
4) platelets went up a little, WBC (white blood count) went down. potassium down,    #s not great but with a rest break should rebound some.
5) no change in the care plan. I have a week to rest, eat well, I am to gain 10lbs. All to get ready for phase 2. Chemo pills, a slightly lighter version of my IV meds and daily radiation for 5 weeks.

Andy Walkers Update: My Friday walker was someone I did not even know.  He saw I was walking on Facebook, and actually lives on my street. Robert M. who turns out to be Lead Pastor at St Paul Evangelical Lutheran Church in Lititz. It was really nice to get to walk with someone new.  I am blessed.

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