Wednesday, May 17, 2023

2023 Flower #15 & 16 - It's May - Flowers, Flowers Everywhere!

I am fascinated with the way dying tulips curl up... so I painted two.
Linda was unimpressed but I like them!  I told her SOMEONE will love them!!

2023 Flower #15

 mini original watercolor  $200.


2023 Flower #16

mini original watercolor $200.

Andy Walkers Update: Today I spent a wonderful afternoon with Laura and Barry. We walked in Silver Mine Park in Southern Lancaster County.   Laura is the BEST wildlife artist I know...the best. Anyone asking me for pet portraits, I send them to her. Her husband Barry manages her and he has his hands full!  I have been doing shows with them for years, many years, so we have a lot in common.  They were a joy to walk with and I liked looking at wildlife and landscape from another artists eyes.  Great day.

Please note my hat... my brother gave me his Penn Relays Official cap.  We spent a great Sunday with my brother and his family.  Nice to have a bit of "normal" in with all the cancer appointments.

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