Tuesday, May 9, 2023

2023 Flower #13 - It's May - Flowers, Flowers Everywhere!

mini original watercolor   $225.

I think this is a baby azalea.
I found it on my Mount Gretna walk on Saturday.


Andy Walkers Update: OK this was a real surprise and a treat!

My Sunday morning walker was John S.    He pulls up in his RV...

We drive to Middle Creek, find a nice spot with a lake view. He pulls out rocking chairs and makes coffee!

I am SO spoiled.

I met John when he was my daughters elementary school D.A.R.E. instructor. (Drug Abuse Resistance Education - I don't even think this is a thing anymore.) John was one of Lititz BEST detectives (in MY opinion) and now retired. We sparked an easy friendship, the kind you can pick up even when you do not see each other often. Again, I love this man. (YES, I am surrounded by GOOD men!) With all he has seen he has retained a sense of fairness, a positive attitude, a core set of values, a love of our community and our kids. We agree on all that!  We bounced around on every possible topic while sitting and sipping coffee he made in the camper!
I have to admit my walker did NOT walk me! But I came home totally refreshed.  This was such a blessing!  Yes, that box may or may not be whoopie pies!

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