Friday, October 28, 2022

For Sale ~ Paintings held in Estate...

Back in 1993 I had a special client purchase 3 prints and an original. They have proudly hung in their home all this time.  Since then one passed away and the other is in a home. They need to settle the estate and would like to sell the paintings quickly. I offered to post them here. If you are interested please contact Bob Ulmer.

"Blue Chest" Original watercolor   I think the image is 12x18" comes framed in walnut. The original price was $800.  
The estate will take $600! This is a DEAL and a STEAL!! Don't wait, send him an email.
This is way below market value but they need to move them quickly.

Next are the 3 prints:

"Deep Sill"  this is a sold out print. framed in walnut 20x22"  Print #108/450
Original price was $100,  they have sold on the secondary market for up to $150!   
Bob will take $100!  Again a  DEAL and a STEAL!!

"Up Stairs" Another SOLD OUT print!  # 125/425 Framed 14x18 in walnut
Originally sold for $85.   Bob will take $65! 

And the last print is   "Star Barn"  framed 25x29' in walnut
Print # 155/525   I am actually still selling this very large print for $175.
Bob will take $150.  This is another  DEAL and a STEAL!! Don't wait, send him an email.

I am happy to help make the sale happen in anyway I can.  Let me know if you have more questions.
You could arrange pickup at my studio in Lititz, PA or I would help box for shipping.

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