Monday, August 15, 2022

2022 Sunflower #1

$150. (unframed) 4x6” mini original watercolor

Available to the 1st person to email
(framing $35 - shipping available at cost)
If unsold by 8/17 the price goes to $275.

I normally wait till September to paint my sunflower series however they are in full bloom right now. I decided not to wait. If you have a great sunflower photo send it to me, I can always use more.

Busy weekend. Abbey and Ben came home for their 20th class reunion. I cannot believe its 20 years. Actually, I wish we could have gone since we know so many of her classmates! Would have loved to catch up with them. But we were NOT invited. Saturday was a beautiful show day in Lititz. I did well plus got to talk to so many people I know. Sunday was brunch with the kids before they headed back to the city. We were feeling a little tired and lazy but do not want to turn into stuffy old people, so we forced ourselves to go out to Longs Park for a free concert, Zydeco. Excellent evening and glad we went, music of any kind always makes you feel better.

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