Monday, April 11, 2022

2022 Window #3


mini original watercolor   $225.

I found this window in Glen Rock PA last year while on a bike ride.

Question for the day:  You turned 69 in January...what does retirement look like?
I will never retire from painting, it is who I am.  We have been discussing what our plans are looking like.  Being off during Covid gave us a better understanding of what we need. You may have already noticed my show schedule is lighter.  I am doing two shows a month.  That is really cutting back for us.  AND we plan to use the RV while showing and taking a day or two extra to have some fun or rest time before and after the shows.  I am hoping to get more bike time in and get the tandem out as often as possible!   In about 2-4 years we will downsize the studio and move it to the front two rooms of our main house.  Returning the studio back into an apartment rental which it originally was.  I am not looking forward to that however the time will come.  During Covid I cut back the edition of prints I have been printing.  I will continue to do that.  The goal is to sell out the editions I currently have in stock.  More original paintings and less prints.  I will spend more time on commissions and on You Tube videos.  Of course this is all predicated on good health as I hit my 70's...and I have NO idea how that happened to fast. So it is the selling and showing that will change but not the painting!

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