Tuesday, March 1, 2022

2022 Still Life #11

4x6” mini original watercolor   $225.

Whenever I have pears setting around I have this odd need to paint them.  I love painting pears!

An "Artist Talk" that I was included in from the exhibit A Black Thread Through Time" is now available to watch on You-Tube.  I found the journey of each artist very interesting.  Thought I would share.

House Update:  The cottage is rented!  An older man is moving in to be closer to his daughter.  It worked out the way it should.   Yesterday was a bit of a mess, Linda's computer screen died.  You realize how tied we all are to our computers (all electronics) when they break.  So a trip to Best Buy.  Unpacking it we see it will no longer fit on our very old computer desk.  Also needed two trips to Target to update our cords since it did not mate up with our older computer.  Linda decided she did not like the curved monitor and it had to go back!  Now we also need a new desk, so we emptied and trashed our very old one and she found one on Marketplace 40 minutes away.   Found the screen she wants at Office Max.  So after several stops at 8:30pm with the help of our helper Stacy we set up the desk, set up the new screen and Linda reorganized her desk.  Not the day we planned but all worked out in the end.   Today was our final dental appointment.  We both now have beautiful implants and a lot less money!  

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sally said...

I love the video of the artists. I have such respect for the paths they are on.
Thank you.