Tuesday, March 8, 2022

2009-2022 Winter Series #13

 mini original watercolor   $225.

This is #3  of  four of my paintings for sale on Marketplace last year.   The person selling received them as a gift and it is not her style.  I know... I don't understand either!  Anyway, I bought them.  Now since 2009 my skills have improved a bit so I retouched it.

This is what I said in 2009:  You need to study this one. The longer I paint the more confident I become with less literal subjects. This painting is awash with light and shadow. Let your eyes
wander around, take in the view. This is a close up of a wall. On the right are two spikes imbedded into the top; I guess to keep you from going over... On the left is a post and then nice textured bricks. The wall is blanketed with snow. Beyond the wall is bare trees and a grey sky.

Here is my FINISHED commission.  23x20"   Every object has special meaning to my client.  Family memories.  I will admit I struggled with this one, I wanted to to be as close to perfect as I was able and I was knew how important it was.  I am pleased with how it turned out and my client was happy.

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