Thursday, January 13, 2022

2022 House Finch - Bird #5

 4x6” mini original watercolor   $275

UPDATE:  I was told this is a male house Finch!
So my notes say Purple Finch, seems reddish to me but I don't know my birds all that well!  It was standing in the snow eating bird seed.  A cute little thing!

We actually stayed home all day today.  I spent way too much time trying to fix Grandpas shredder.  At some point he must have shredded a plastic mailing bag...  they do NOT shred!  He must have tried to fix it and broke off one of the teeth, took me a long while to figure that out.  So I pretty much wasted a few hours.  Linda is glued to her desk, I think she is still there!  She is closing out our year, gathering tax info, paying sales tax, filing papers...  All I know is I was asked to please be quiet so she can think!!

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Unknown said...

The species name, purpureus, comes from Latin and means “crimson” or other reddish color. Our word “purple,” meaning a color obtained from mixing red and blue, derives from the Latin, purpureus. The Purple Finch is really a crimson colored finch. But you've painted a male house finch. The Purple Finch looks like it was dipped in red wine. <3 Jackie Hintz