Tuesday, August 17, 2021

2021 Landscape #27 - Pine Creek

 mini original watercolor   $225

Our Pennsylvania mountains are beautiful anytime of the year.  This is a view while riding the Pine Creek Trail.

Question of the Day:  How do you decide on the size for a painting?  When I paint for the Painting A Day the size is predetermined.  Image 4x6 and 5x5.  Sometimes I use this size as a study for a larger painting.  This size allows me to paint a broad variety of subjects without investing days in a larger painting.  It allows for practice of a subject and allows me to play a bit more.  For the larger paintings I look at the subject and after 40 years I just know how it will look larger.  Some paintings feel majestic and call for as large as I can paint.  A full sheet of watercolor is 22x30.  With a mat, frame and glass that gets big to carry around and to paint that size with detail and time ends up a bit pricey. 
Like this one... "Autumn Invitation  framed 25x29  $6000.

Some I look at and know they should be long and thin...  for a panoramic feel
Like this one... "Bucolic"  22x11"  $1200.

When you pick a subject I think you need to study it for a bit.  Think about how the image naturally looks best.  I also have about 9 sizes I routinely use, that makes picking a size a little easier.  I did just add square formats for fun!
Like this one... "Cool Front"  19x19  $1500.

I think every artist loves to paint large!  I like the challenge of scaling up or down.  And the real challenge is to paint small and still get all the detail.

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