Tuesday, February 9, 2021

2021 Still Life #3


SOLD!    $145. (unframed)
Available to the 1st person to email
(framing $35 - shipping available at cost)
If unsold by 2/11 the price goes to $250.

I bought pears yesterday, and thought I simply needed to paint them.  I paint pears often so I needed to put a little effort into a still life with something other than the pear.   I hunted through Linda's blue bottle collection and found a shape I liked.  So... pear with blue bottle!

We took Grandpa (Linda's step dad, he lives in our upstairs apartment) for a new stove, his died and we decided to replace his fridge at the same time since everything is now 20 years old.  I want to thank our salesman Pete at Martin Appliance in Brownstown.  He was kind, took his time with Grandpa, he listened and was not in a hurry and did not try to upsell.  If you are 86 it takes a while to pick out two appliances...

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