Monday, February 17, 2020

Hockessin DE...1st show

This weekend is my first show in 2020.  

FYI: 30% of my sales go to the Railroad!!

That snuck up on me fast. Usually the time between Open House in November and my first show always was laid back; paint what I want, rest up a bit, recharge, some goof off time where I do maintenance on my bikes, you get the idea, working but not too hard.  This year Linda mixed things up a bit.  She cut out a lot of the little Spring shows and plugged in an open studio once a month which is rather nice, the first one was in January and I was pleased with the way it worked out.  More about that later.   Meanwhile Linda added a new Miniature Original Show
March 27-29.  OK, we had a business meeting and I agreed it was a good idea but it totally changed my winter routine... this year with the mini show I needed to actually paint every day,  not so much leisure time!   But it snuck up on me.  Starting is not easy!  I need to find and gather all my show supplies. Yes, I know where everything is... I think!  I need to go out in the cold and put show panels on the roof of the van.  I hate the cold.  I am trying to be grateful I am not climbing through snow!  There are new boxes to hold the paintings that need glued and taped, and where are all my bungies and extension cords... they get legs over winter!  Don't worry, by the time you see me at the show I will be relaxed and making it all look easy!  Hope to see you this weekend.

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