Monday, June 10, 2019


Finished... I finished my window painting.

This is a 19th century textile mill in Dover, NH.  Thank you Sandra Joy for the use of your photo.  Another favorite of Linda's that she is holding as a possible print in November.

We went to see "Rocketman" last night and it was excellent.  I really knew very little about Elton John.  His music was woven into the story and it was well done.

On a sad note, another good friend has passed away.  David Heft.   Dave lost a 2 year battle with cancer.  Back when our kids were young a group of us got together every Friday night.  We spent many a Friday in Dave and Joan's house until they moved to Maryland.  Then the group did a long weekend together each year.  We went to see him a week ago.  It is so hard to lose friends.

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