Monday, June 3, 2019


Sometimes a show you expect good things from throws you a curve ball.  Annapolis...  I was excited to return to the area even though it was a whole new venue for me.  My first show there was on the docks in 1986.  33 years ago!  Then I did a few years with the Ladies Naval Auxiliary.  After 911 they were not allowed to have it.  I also did a few times in the parking lot of the stadium on the asphalt with no trees in the blazing heat.  So it had been a few years.  This time it was "1st Sundays on High Street".  I had high hopes.  We roll into town on Saturday at 2pm.  Parking was non existent. It was packed with people. Sidewalks overflowing.  The suburban was too high to fit into any of the garages, so much for our free parking pass from the B&B!  After circling the blocks I found a space only to find its a 2 hour max and you cannot add more time.  You must leave the space and find another one.  We went to check in at our B&B and they would not allow us in till 3pm.  So we had a late lunch, checked in and at 4pm needed to move the van.  I found an open lot where I could park longer but not overnight but it bought us some time. We decided to walk to our show space and plan it out.  All the spaces were on the street except 6 in front of a restaurant.   Ours... up on the sidewalk with the restaurant putting tables in front of us on the street...  We had to wait till morning to get clarification.  We found a tiny parking lot behind the street where we show so decided to park there overnight for $36 plus $33 for all day Sunday but at least I could dolly to my space.  Our B&B was right on Main Street and they partied loud ALL night.  Well, it got quieter around 3am!   We get out to the show at 6am and no one was around.  Odd, I am used to being out early with lots of other artists to beat the rush.  This was definitely a later crowd.  So we waited till 7:30 for a director and yes, we are on the sidewalk but the tables were off to our side.  Very odd but worked nicely.  So feeling better, all set up, and parking working well.  Show opens to huge crowds... walking and eating...Very little shopping.  Some walked into the booth, and took cards... I did not even cover my booth cost!  WHAT??!!  Have not had that happen in years!  My work fits into the area, I looked great, just can't figure it out.  And as if I was not having a great it rains at pack up.  I was all packed and in the van except the tent and rug.  WET tent top, more work drying it out on Monday.  And I must move the van because you may not park there on Sunday nights!  Found a new space for overnight.  The B&B was still noisy but till midnight this time.  We were both ready to get home.  Home safely, unpacked, drying the tent, laundry finished... Amazing that I can still be caught off guard by a show. 

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