Thursday, January 3, 2019

2019 Ireland #1

4x6” miniature original watercolor 
$135 (unframed) available to the 1st person to email.
If unsold by 1/5 at 7pm the price goes to $250

I did not have enough time to explore Ireland before getting 
ready for open house so I’m back to it.  This is a wonderful 
window I saw in Arklow, a small town in County Wicklow,
Ireland.   I was a little surprised to see window boxes in
Ireland.  But they vie for most beautiful town each year so
they go all out with flowers.  I was also surprised to see
lavender everywhere.  This reminds me how small the world
really is.  I’ve seen lavender everywhere, US, France, Italy...

My patient is impatient!  Linda is at 4 weeks and thinks she
should be much farther along.  This knee has been a bit
harder.  I think its because of all the muscle changes and
straightening.  This is causing bad muscle spasms.  Plus
with the other knee she could go outside and sit on the porch
to distract her.  Walker is gone and she is using a cane and I
often catch her using nothing.  Sleeping is awful, 2 hour
stretches.  Time... is all I think she needs...

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