Thursday, October 25, 2018

Open House Update...

 I am spending the next 4 days working on my larger paintings for Open House. I have several started but not finished.  I have these ready and you can put them on your wish list but no sales till 2pm on Friday of Open House. I need titles and they are not priced.  For the best selection of original paintings, come on Friday!                      



Save the date...
Andy Smiths 35th Annual Open House
Friday, November 16 from 2 to 10
Saturday, November 17 from 10-10
Sunday, November 18 from noon to 5
Held at 4 North Spruce Street Lititz, PA

Lots of framing is being done and supplies are rolling in weekly.  Invitations are designed, printed and at the mailing house.  You should have it in your mail box any day. My website was updated with an invite you can click on in the top right of the home page.   I think the menu is finished although I think Linda will be cooking a bit less this year so she does not get too tired with surgery scheduled.  I am concentrating on painting... more to come.

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Bethany said...

Hi Andy! I'm hoping I can attend your Open House this year. I'm in the Phoenixville area now, outside of Philadelphia.