Tuesday, May 15, 2018

2018 Still Life #23

4x6" Miniature Original Watercolor

Another scene from Roanoke, VA.   A simple shady spot with a hint of a table.  This is one of Lindas favorites.

So you know you are around a long time when your prints start showing up in consignment shops!  I was contacted by Fabulous Finds Re-sale Shop in Florida.  Their net proceeds go to the Charlotte County Homeless Coalition. They recently acquired this print and I offered to showcase it for them.  They will accept Paypal and ship free.   "Deep Sill" 124/450 (sold out edition) painted in 1992  framed 20x22" in a walnut frame, I do not know the condition of the frame but you might want to freshen the mat! $250.00These rarely come along and the value is as high as $350.  If you are interested simply email Fabulous Finds directly.

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Unknown said...

I got that print right now ..I'm trying to sell it 257 608 4004 ..let me know my print number is 141/450