Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Open House

Two more original paintings to show you.  I have been stockpiling for several months.   None are available till 2pm on the 17th!  Just a teaser...

Today was the 1st day to sign up for the ACA.   We have been blessed with great insurance for the past few years.   ACA was great for us self employed artists.  We had 34 years of high premiums and $7000 deductibles that covered nothing.  Our daughter Abbey was even born at home and we paid cash!  So finally something we can afford and use.  I know its not good for everyone.  Anyway, Linda spent several hours getting it all updated but still needs to pick a plan.  Helpers were here cutting mats (yes, more mats!)  and framing (yes, more framing!).  I am not going into more details on how Linda puts together our Open House, if your interested, go to the right sidebar, to October and November of prior years.  I figured by now you know!  On my list this week is to put the tarp on the side porch, which gives us an extra room.  I'm waiting for a nice day.

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