Tuesday, September 20, 2016


14x18 framed
This looks like it could be from any historical (1800's) town
in the US but we saw it while walking around New Paltz, NY
I am in need of some title suggestions...  Feeling title challenged!

Today I am finishing up some larger paintings that were started
over the past weekends.  Also taught 2 classes.  Meanwhile
Linda is working on our Annual Open House invitation layout.
We made the difficult decision not to do a new print this year.
Our focus is on "selling out" some of the older prints to make
room for new ones next  year.  Its the first time I am not printing
something since 1989.  While it is a wise business decision we
are still struggling with it.  There will still be a great selection of
prints and an even better selection of original paintings so I hope
we get a great crowd!  Save the date:  November 18-20
More info as it gets closer.


Anonymous said...

Oh, the pane

A paneful view

Marjorie J Birch said...

Oh the pane