Monday, June 20, 2016

this week...

We leave on Thursday for a family vacation to Iceland!
I had nothing to do with picking the location, I hate the
cold...but the scenery will be fantastic.  It will be interesting
what I see to paint.  Don't worry the house is not empty,
again my house sitter will be moving in and Linda's dad
lives here, as I said before, the house sitter is here more than
we are!

Rather than work on miniature paintings I have several larger
unfinished paintings that were started over the past few
weekends that I am going to finish and post.  Today I got a
haircut, went to find cheap flip flops for the Blue Lagoon!
Dropped off moulding to be cut for frames, finished today's
painting and cut some glass.  Oh... took a 32 mile bike ride
this morning.

Here is the painting, untitled if you have some suggestions.
framed to 14x18 (from Chanticleer Gardens in Wayne PA)