Thursday, March 3, 2016

checking in...

I did not have time to paint today.  I had a new morning class
with 6 students.  3 beginners and 3 at various stages so I was
hopping!  Then it was time to pack the van for my next show.
While packing I noticed it was in great need of a bath so I
washed the van.  I may get to paint tonight but I want to finish
the drawing for my next large painting, a fantastic vase of
tulips on a table that a Facebook friend took and gave me
permission to paint.  I may try to show the progression as
a demonstration...

I did finish this at last weekends show.  I am loving my
Italian landscapes.  The sunlight and colors are so different
than in the US.  Love the patterns.

Road to Pienza    24x18"     $1200

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