Tuesday, October 27, 2015

24 Days Till Open House

The count down begins...24 days till Open House!
A few minor setbacks today.  First, our supply order
truck broke down and cannot deliver till Thursday.
That puts framing two days behind schedule.  Then
there is a bit of a snag in the printing of the invites,
seems to be a shortage of yellow toner! Hopefully
printing will happen on Wednesday. 
Our mailing house has the addresses, large check to
the Postmaster is written out.  Linda almost has the
menu and grocery list together.  An order of over 100
8x10 frames arrived.  Framing is happening daily.
Meanwhile I am painting.

Again, titles are welcome!

This week is my last set of classes, they start
up again in January.  We had 6 windows across
the upper front of the house painted on Monday.

Back to my painting....

1 comment:

Zipora Lansky said...

Your paintings are beautiful! They are so bright and full of life.