Thursday, July 23, 2015

2015 Tuscany #2

6"x 4" Miniature Original
A Painting A Day...   SOLD

More from Tuscany.  I have been excited to
start painting the landscape.  It is a study
in patterns and greens.  I will say they look
much better than they photograph.  The photo
loses its vibrancy...

I flatted on my bike ride early this morning and
was not able to fix it.  I was out in the back roads
of New Holland so my buddy John came to my
rescue...thank you!!   Painted most of my day
then packed the van.  Sad to have to pack for a
two block ride to the park!   Linda has been using
these nice days to pull weeds in the garden and I
have clean up duty.   The weeds took full advantage
of us being away so long.

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