Monday, December 22, 2014

2014 Holiday Series

Since the Season is upon us I am going to put
4 of my latest "painting a day" pieces on at a time!

Holiday Series #1

 Holiday Series #2  

 Holiday Series #3  

 Holiday Series #4

It has been a month since I took the time to blog.
Open House went well, we had a nice Thanksgiving
and a good Open Studio.   Linda had a fabulous opportunity
to go with her friend Joan on a trip to Croatia.  She was
gone 15 days.  That left me home alone to my own devices!
I biked and painted and went to friends for dinner.  Cooked
several times for my father-in-law.  Handled orders, kept
pretty busy.  I wanted Linda to see all the paintings I did while
she was away in case she wanted to print some next year.
Now I am posting several at a time and I promise you they look
even better in person.  You can't go wrong with this Holiday
collection.   Meanwhile...
Linda is back and now it is Christmas!
Rashetta comes home Tuesday morning and Abbey and Ben
Tuesday night...the festivities will begin.

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